Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday before christmas

I went to bed last night at 4am. I just couldn't stop crocheting this particular piece. Also great movie after great movie just kept coming on and I was glued to the tv for want of entertainment and company.

I've been working on several things that I'd like to share with everyone! Here are some pics of recent artistic endeavors and such.

I just bought this great glow in the dark yarn and made a hair pin with it!

Here's how it looks when it glows!

While I was Cat Sitting for one of my clients, I made this origami piece that recently sold at Young Blood Gallery for a steal at $30.

I have other work in the same show entitled "home". These pieces are soda fired clay and are still available for $100.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stuff I want to share!

Hey again! I've been on a merciless hunt for a good second job and while endlessly searching the net, I've come upon some super awesome things!!

  • Super cute Vegan cooking at
  • There's a great cute show that is set to open in February and the blog is going to be super cute and awesome! You should check it out!!

Wish me luck! It's back to the drawing board now...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cleaning Lady employs good karma!

Waaahhh! It's amazing to me to be so directly affected by the economic strains happening currently. People are less willing than ever to employ a house cleaner. It used to be that I was supplementing my artistic income with cleaning. Now I may be supplementing both of those with yet another job. OH how to make it in life unconventionally!?!!

When I feel this way I always look up. For me its not so much of a religious thing, just a constant marveling at the infinite space of the sky and its beauty. Makes me feel less weighed down by all my problems. Here are some great pics!Photobucket

Speaking of feeling less weighed down, I just got back from Kroger and the cashier there was an absolute ray of sunshine. When I asked her how she was, she said "beautiful." It was 12:15am on a tuesday nite/morn! What optimism!! Then she just said the most wonderful things about telling people its gonna be alright during these times and makin them feel better, etc. It was great!

Yay! This fine lady named Jessi Bee, might be my next roomie! Aren't we lovely artistic ladies???Photobucket

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday night is so tight!

What's in a wednesday night without a little cold air and love?

I'm sitting by my faux fire heater in the middle of my disastrous room trying to figure out how to clean it. THINGS EVERYWHERE!!! no joke. Oh cleaning....why do I do you so often??

It's freezing outside, by my Atlanta standards, and I'm thinking of my newbie boyfriend, Victor. I've been looking up animation videos to send him. We started tag teaming each other's myspace with comments and goodies. It's so adorable and a good reason to procrastinate too! w00t

Here are some of the finds:

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