Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ITE means "in this economy"

So the last time I went swimming was literally the day before the weather turned about 10 degrees chillier...which is still wonderfully temperate and caked with humidity. It was night time and the pool was lit up like a piece of topaz! There were four of us that had come to swim in our skivvies amongst the cozy group of condos set on the corner of chandler park. We trou-ed down (as in took our trousers down), and half of us took a mindless leap into the deep end. The rest sunk slowly in by the the shallows, step by step.

As we wallowed around, never quite able to reclaim the passion of our childhood pool adventures, we gave in to reminiscing, making waves in our conversation instead of the water. Cameron bobbed about and listened as I explained my cleaning lady financial woes. Then as I end my thought he added "ite". Um, what? Ai'ght? No, not the slang for alright but a new slang coined by someone somewhere born to make comical anacronyms but never lucky enough to be given credit.

ITE or "in this economy" is a sardonically cute accompaniment to almost any thought having to do with the present state of things.

"It's so hard to find a job...ite! (in this economy)"
"I'm the happiest I've been in years.....ite!"
"I've never liked tofu until recently.....ite"
"Shit you are smokin hot!....ite!"

I laughed heartily, and rolled the words about in my mind as pebbles in a creek, churning into smoothness. The expression joined a list I've been compiling of things that indicate my present time of in these are the mile markers of an era bound by a set of calendar dates and times, and further defined by the experiences and sentiments gathered during said spell. Things on the list include:

the color of automobiles: rather drab, right?
the abundance of yardsales
the resurgence of handmade aesthetic
the inevitable break from celluloid toward cyberspace
falling prices
falling wages
love of chocolate milk, wild things, social scenes, work


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