Sunday, May 23, 2010

Air Quality Knowledge B.U.G.!

If you didn't know, the EPA has deemed MAY the official Asthma awareness month! Its no wonder since an enormous amount of trees and flowers across the country are pollinating! We've focused so far in our B.U.G.'s on your inside air quality, but what happens when you step outside your house? You shouldn't have be a shut in for the rough 2 months it takes for all the plants to go through their reproduction processes!

In this segment, I'm going to focus on how to reduce the effects of pollen and particulate irritants while outside.  Here are a couple of tips for traveling around town!

- CHANGE YOUR CAR AIR FILTERS.  Your car will thank you and for most makes and models, this is an extremely easy thing to do!  Some cars have two filters, one for the engine and one for the vents.  It is best to change both but definitely do the one for the vents if you are feeling allergic.  If you aren't into the diy maintenance of your car, most tune and lube shops will do it for a reasonable price!

- CHANGE OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES when you get home.  If you left the house, the clothing you left in probably picked up a decent amount of pollen and irritants throughout the day.  If you change out of your clothing when you get home, you deter pollen and germs from entering your house and you remove them from your immediate vicinity and skin.  Taking a shower after changing would be even better!

- BRING A HANDKERCHIEF.  Okay, I know that sounds old-fashioned but substitute a bandana, wrap, or any other reasonable, rather fashionable piece of cloth for the notorious "hanky" if you want.  It's useful to cover your nose and mouth as you walk.  Yes, you may look like a bit of a bandit but if you do it right, you might just look fashionably mysterious!

- PETROLEUM JELLY ON THE RIM OF YOUR NOSTRILS.  Sounds weird, I know.  Basically, by thinly coating the inner rim of your nostril with vaseline for instance, you are creating another barrier on which pollen and other particle based irritants are trapped.  Your nose hairs are there to do the same action which is why boogers form.  The nice thing about doing this is that you can swab your nose before you leave the house, it doesn't smell and whenever you get to your next destination, you can wipe your nose clean with tissue.  Its incredibly innocuous and very helpful.

- WASH YOUR FACE.  Wash your face often, perhaps every time you wash your hands to remove pollen and particles from your tiny facial hairs, eyelashes, and brows!  No brainer!

Please visit the EPA website for more info on Asthma and Air Quality!

And if you have any other suggestions on dealing with Asthma, allergies, and improving the air, please feel free to email them to me or comment below!

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