Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is your Better Understanding Guide (B.U.G.) to books that I've read and enjoy!

CLEAN:  The Humble Art of Zen Cleansing

This book is great!  Its very small, easy to read, and great to keep in the bathroom reading basket or side table knick knack pile.  It was written by a fellow who loves to clean!  He presents the idea that cleaning will help you attain a more peaceful state.  I think he even suggests that the cleaning process is meditative and necessary for mental, emotional, and physical health.  It is not such a far fetched idea but it is not one that we are used to considering when attacking the mess that is in our own homes.

In the book, Michael De Jong, talks about green cleaning, the products he likes, how to use them, and methods that he employs in his own cleaning processes.  It is very interesting to read about someone's views on cleaning and it is very well presented!  I highly suggest this book as a gift to someone who wants to create a more peaceful atmosphere, someone who could use a hand shifting to green cleaning methods, and someone who likes an easy read!

If you have read this book, please feel free to leave your own review of it in the comments below!
It would be awesome to hear what YOU have to say about it!

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