Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cleaning Tip number 3: Window washing MAGIC!

Well the truth of the matter is that I am only so-so at cleaning windows and glass.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, cleaning is a skill and has a learning curve.  If you want to get better at it, then you have to do it often and be incredibly curious about all the things you don't know about it!  With that in mind, I have put together today's cleaning tip in order to give myself a goal for the day.  Perhaps you will join me in some window cleaning efforts at your own house today!

And for a little extra encouragement I bring to you this small link on feng shui and windows.  Regardless of whether you believe this eastern philosophy inspired design process, sometimes its useful in understanding how to create peaceful environments.  Also its never a bad thing to expand your knowledge and consideration of other cultures and practices!

Feng Shui For Windows

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These tips come from TLC Howstuffworks on homes.  Please visit this link for an extended list!

  1. When wiping windows, clean one side with horizontal strokes and one side with vertical so that you can pinpoint which side is streaking.
  2. Wash windows from the top down.
  3. Wipe windows with t shirt or diaper material.  
  4. Wiping windows with newspaper leaves a film that resists dirt.
  5. Polishing windows after cleaned and dried with a black board eraser will make them sparkle.
  6. Always clean windows on a cloudy day so that the heat of the sun doesn't evaporate your cleaner.

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