Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleaning Tip number 4: The Order of Operations

     Sometimes I feel like the hardest thing about cleaning is looking at a place and figuring out how to clean it the most fast and efficient way possible.  Some cleaning services and personnel have a system that they use for every place which is definitely an acceptable and reliable way to approach cleaning.  In my own business, I tailor all my cleans to the client's preferences, taking what would, across the board, be considered a regular cleaning regimen and reconstructing it to best fit either budget or hygiene specifications.  Thus I don't start every clean the same way, and sometimes I find too that the space dictates that I adopt different methods.

So, here are a few tips to tackle, in a fast and efficient manner, the grime that invades all your various spaces!

1.  THE BIGGEST MESS -  What helps me clean is finding the things in a space that are making the biggest mess!  Perhaps it is dust or cobwebs all over, or toys, or dishes all over the kitchen....whatever it is, get it out of the way immediately.  Once you do this, you'll feel a change that will be both visible and inspiring, which will help to keep up your stamina and speed!

2.  STREAMLINE YOUR PROCESS -  Sometimes when intense detailed dusting in unnecessary, I will dust with the vacuum, eliminating the dust on surfaces and the grit on the floor at the same time.  Infact, my vacuum is equipped with a motley crew of wonderful vacuum hose tools so that I can quickly switch between my brush tool and my crevice tool without stopping or changing processes.

3.  BACK TO FRONT or TOP TO BOTTOM -  This is kinda fun and I do it when the situation calls for it or when I'm loosing my steam.  I will start at the top floor of the house and clean down to the bottom floor.  In a one level house, I'll start at the back and literally clean myself out the front door!  This approach works best when you have to go room by room and will help if you are more categorically minded.

4.  STREAMLINE YOUR PRODUCT -  This is not always possible, but in houses that are less fussy, I like to use a product like pledge all surface cleaner or vinegar.  The Mrs. Meyer's and vinegar mixture is my favorite to use everywhere because it is environmentally friendly and so versatile!  Grab your spray bottle, and various cleaning clothes/sponges and rock it!  I even like to make a belt that everything fits into so that I can really run!!

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Unknown said...

This is amazing!! I'm suddenly in the mood to clean (and my house really needs it). If you need a post idea, I would love to read something about the de-cluttering process! Clutter is my major vice.

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