Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's in The Cleaning Lady's Bucket?

One of my favorite cleaning agents that I never thought would melt my cleaning lady heart is vinegar!  Although it is quite stinky, the smell dissipates quickly and takes with it any odors that might have existed previously.  It is a cleaning and deodorizing product!  It can be used on a multitude of surfaces as well including wood, plastic, rubber, metal, and glass just to name a few.

According to Wikipedia, Vinegar is an acidic liquid made from the fermentation of ethanol which yields acetic acid (ethanoic acid).  It is then diluted in varying ratios based on the use for which it is being made.  White distilled vinegar is the one used most often in cleaning and it is environmentally friendly meaning naturally occurring and biodegradable.

You can find a myriad of resources online touting its amazing abilities!  Beyond cleaning, it is used in ceramic work to condition clay, the apple cider variety is used to improv the ph in the body, you can cut grease with it,  and some varieties are used for cooking and pickling.  The link that I have provided today gives a list of amazing uses for vinegar, coupled sometimes with another favorite of mine, baking soda.

1001 uses for Vinegar

If you plan on using vinegar in your cleaning regimen, please be aware that mixing it with certain other cleaning products will produce harmful gases and health effects!  The main mixture to avoid is vinegar and bleach.  Together the mixture gives off chlorine gases which are cancer causing and highly toxic!  If you are using chemical products and do not know the exact ingredient content, it is best not to mix them as the possibilities could be disastrous without a proper recipe and ratio.

Here is a great site with helpful info on dangerous mixtures and common products!  Please take a look at it for your future knowledge and safety!

Common cleaning products may be dangerous when mixed!

If you read my previous bucket post then you already know that I enjoy using the mixture of vinegar and Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner.   The recipe again is:

1/8 to 1/4 cup all purpose Mrs. Meyer's Cleaner
mixed with 1 cup of vinegar
in a spray bottle
then fill to the top with water. 

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