Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cleaning Tip number 5: Brush vs. Sponge

You might think the two are interchangeable, brush or sponge, but there are jobs that are made easier by using one over the other.  Today we'll take a look at the mighty brush and talk about what jobs  are best tailored to its attributes!

There are many different types of brushes with long handles, flat heads, tough bristles, short bristles, etc.  Which one is good to use and for what?  Lets first discuss the types of jobs that brushes are better for and then we'll get into shapes, sizes, and bristles.

Here's a general list of things that are best cleaned by a brush.  If you think I've missed some things, please let me know in an email or my comments so that I can add it!

Brush are better for:
      soap scum
      rough flooring
      crevices and corners
      removing thick grease
      patios and porches

The type of brush you use will depend entirely on the job you use it for.  Jobs that are more geared toward dust and debris removal require longer bristles for instance.  Jobs that are scrub intensive will have short coarse bristles.  Some jobs will require the use of cleaning products so make sure your brush bristles are made to withstand various chemicals and cleaners.

Get one with a long enough handle!  It is incredibly important, especially for cleaning personnel, to keep your back straight and to alleviate as much stress as possible from your shoulders and back muscles.  Most cleaning methods involving a brush do require some scrubbing and cleaning at an odd angle or with your arms above your head will create lots of tension while simultaneously reducing your energy!

The main thing that I like a brush for is the bathroom.  I use a medium bristle length and medium bristle coarseness.  I prefer using a flat rectangular brush head from a brush broom which I can use with or without the handle.  Plastic bristles allow me to use all types of cleaners and work well on most surfaces. Here's an example of the type of broom brush that I am referring to:

This one is used for soft scrubbing and cleaning, for exteriors of cars, furniture, or anything requiring a good bath and gentle brushing.  Try going to Lowe's or home depot and taking a look at their cleaning product & equipment selection.  Note the types of jobs that you are doing and pick a brush best suited to those jobs.  If you follow these suggestions, you will be able to clean faster, better, and more efficiently!


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