Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clutter REDUX: One Surface at a time

Its a long and laborious task to organize...

  • especially if you haven't done it in a while
  • don't have permanent homes for belongings
  • or you are a notorious tinkerer constantly unleashing a storm of projects upon your home space


One method I've been implementing lately is the "clean a surface a day" method.  It literally involves choosing a table, chair, corner, or shelf covered in stuff and minimizing it to several organized piles or putting things away all together.  It has been a big help and I've been doing it in the morning so that I feel like I've accomplished something for myself early on.   Here's an inspirational before and after picture set!


Here's a couple of thought provoking tips from  Read more on the site!
  • Don't keep things you don't like.
  • Don't keep things for other people.
  • Aim to reduce by a definite number.
  • When its in with the new, it's out with the old!
  • Prepare yourself mentally, never say never.

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