Monday, June 7, 2010

What's in The Cleaning Lady's Bucket?

Today's product is another one of my green cleaning favorites!  It is specifically the Clorox GREENWORKS concentrated solution.  I buy this for my clients and it literally lasts over a year and only costs 6 bucks!  What a friggin' deal!!

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Awesome things about this cleaner:

- You can use it on almost any surface! 
- Easy to mix and go!
- Environmentally friendly!
- Ingredient disclosure! 

This is the list of ingredients!  I love it when a company is willing to disclose important information to the consumer so that they can make the best choices determined by their individual circumstances!  Product info is a must!  I encourage consumers to speak up about their right to know what they are buying!!

Green Works natural all-purpose cleaner ingredients (99% natural)

lemon image
essential oils
green leaf image
contains no phosphorus or bleach
beaker image
coconut image
coconut-based cleaning agent
(nonionic surfactant: alkyl polyglucoside)
corn image
corn-based ethanol
water image
filtered water
molecule image
blue and yellow colorant
beaker image
biodegradable preservative

Alkyl Polyglucoside?  What is that?  Don't let these types of words pass your glance without some concern and questioning!  Here is the definition and a few websites to give you more info!

  • Alkyl polyglucosides (APG) are called new generation environmentally friendly surfactants. They have not been produced on the commercial scale until the nineties in the world. APGs are classified as nonionec surfactants. The feedstock of APG are based on fatty alcohol and glucose which are obtained from renewable native resources. Thus, APGs are completely biodegradable. Because of their non-toxicity, non-irritation and many excellent surface active performances, APGs are widely used in the fields of detergents, cosmetics, foods and medicines.

RUSBIZ - sells this ingredient and has information on its production and uses.

Wikipedia - explains the uses and history of surfactants, alkyl polyglucoside, and others.

DOW - is a major supplier of this ingredient and others to various companies.  Check out other types of ingredients on the menu to the right.  It's a great resource!


I normally go to Lowe's to pick up my cleaner.  However, if you wanted to go in with someone on a bulk order, this link will take you to amazon where they have 6 bottles for $36.77.  I think it just about equals out after shipping but if you can't find it in the stores around you, then it's totally worth it!

Here's the GREENWORKS website with other products and info!  

A note:  I use only this cleaner from clorox.  I don't find it necessary to buy the whole line because I can use the dilutable all purpose to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and most furniture.  I find that it leaves streaks on certain mirrored surfaces so I don't use it for mirrors in general.   

Please feel free to share your experiences with this product or ask any questions you may have concerning mixing or application in comments below or email me! 

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