Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cleaning Tip number 7: Impress the Guests with 5 Little Details!

It easy to forget the details when you start cleaning the house.  I find that once you get started and get some big things out of the way, it generally starts to look good enough to stop.  Still if you want to impress the company, there are a couple of details that you can clean that people tend to take note of, albeit, in a subconscious way mostly.  Perhaps the reason that people take note is because they are the things that are rarely done and so suggest a very clean and healthy person.  In any case, these little cleaning challenges are incredibly easy, very quick and quite effective at impressing guests!

1.  Clean the mirrors! - people always stop to look in mirrors and they will therefore always notice if they are dirty!  vinegar and a paper towel or black and white newspaper make quick work of this!

2.  Wipe the baseboards and corners in the bathroom! - When guests use the bathroom, they have time to notice the details.  Hair and dust always make their home on the baseboards but you can clean it easily.  I like to use a microfiber cloth and run it along the boards and corners.  Another cool trick is to use toilet paper and just throw it into the toilet when its dirty and flush!

3.  Clean the sink in the bathroom. - Again, especially if its a dinner party, guests will be washing their hands.  Wipe the sink in the same way either with microfiber or toilet paper.  If you use microfiber, you can also wipe the faucet, which will effectively polish it to a beautiful shine!

4.  Clean your the corners of the room! - Literally, grab a microfiber cloth or duster and especially when  there's a light near by, dust the ceiling, joint, and baseboards.  Cobwebs hang out here and dust really does collect here along the seam of the walls.

5.  Clean the fronts of your kitchen cabinets. - It really does make a big difference!  If these are not very dirty, then I would definitely say instead to clean your kitchen floor!  The cabinets are a really such a small but helpful detail.  However if you don't have a clean kitchen floor, the guests probably won't even notice the cabinets!  These details will help them feel good about where dinner is being cooked....i promise!  Even if you had a sink full of dirty dishes, but the kitchen floor and cabinets were clean, no one would make a fuss except to maybe help you do them out of gratitude for such a lovely night.

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