Monday, December 13, 2010

The BIZZ: Makeshift office

     Holy cow my boyfriend's house is so cold!  Soon I will be moving into a tiny carriage house in the back of one of my landlord's many rental properties.  The little hovel is behind the house of my mother's child hood friend Lucy Lowe.  I intend on calling it "The Rabbit Hole" and within its walls I hope to create the important structures to both my cleaning business and my musical/philosophical/artistic career.

     Until I move, I am forced to set up a temporary office but I'm finding it difficult as the whole house is an ice box!  On this fair monday morning, here I sit on the floor, as good as anywhere, with a blasting hot heater burning my outer sweater made shell.  It's amazing outside - cold, sunny, windy, with tiny sparkling flakes powdered throughout the wind gusts, looking as if someone peppered atlanta with glitter!  Never have I seen it so wintery in December!

     Monday's are great for office work.  Somehow I have collected all that I need at the foot of this chair and table that most people would be utilizing to their organizational advantage.  Yerba Mate and vegetable soup are working to keep my energy powered up.  Every once in a while, one of the animals will come steal a little of the warmed floor real estate which I am currently perched upon.  I am so grateful that this is working at the moment.  Cheers to making do with makeshift situations!

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