Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's in the Cleaning Lady's Bucket?: BLEACH (and why I don't like using it!)

Bleach is commonly used in household cleaning.  It is so much a staple cleaner that I often have trouble steering people away from it.  Besides the obvious environmentally destructive qualities which help it to whiten and kill germs, it has also destructive health qualities.  It is particularly dangerous, even fatal, when mixed with other acids such as ammonia!

This article by PERMA suggests that while bleach is effective in cleaning and disinfecting (under the right conditions), there may actually be better options for businesses and households depending on their individual needs.

It is also in my best interest to clean with natural products vs. bleach because of the repeated exposure that my job requires.  It is my practice to only use bleach when absolutely necessary.   So if you love your cleaning lady, go green and save her some future health care trauma! (Thank You!)

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