Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our focus for this entry is brought to you by today's word : SYNERGY

I'm typing again with the intention of bringing great ideas into public awareness.  All the things that I am learning and want to learn are leaping from my heart and trembling at the tip of my tongue!  As I was mopping the other day, I began to think about how people, clients, and friends might want to know what I am learning.  They might prosper from knowing how things fit together and why I am doing things the way that i do them.  The need for better presentation became brilliantly apparent - the light's on in the attic!

So along this path that I was set upon over five years ago, I am constantly resizing, redistributing priority, reconstructing systems within my business and knowledge of the world.  The responsibility I feel to better communicate the intricate details comes with a feeling of maturity in my career and being.  I don't think I would have been able to do this from the beginning.  There were many feelings of inferiority and uncertainty to conquer before I could express myself as a cleaning lady!

Over at my friend Lindsey's house, I've been writing and working on things.  One of our mutual projects is learning about sustainable living!  While discussing the details of goat farms, rabbit poop fertilizer, and organizing the yard, I suddenly realized the importance of working together and sharing knowledge.  Believe it or not, it was the first time that I thought, "man I should share this info on my blog!"  To think that all a cleaning lady is or does is cleaning is a shallow picture indeed!  I would much rather bring you the vibrant and vital truth....which is unique to my position in life, hopefully interesting enough to share, entertaining to a point, and ultimately educational as an example.

Before I could get these little thoughts typed into this screen, Lindsey tossed out a wonderful word!  Synergy!!  She expressed her love of working with me and others in a synergistic way.  Her use of the word in context was superb and my curiosity soon had me gazing starry-eyed at dictionary.com's definition.  I also like Marriam Webster and its sometimes useful to reference the Urban Dictionary as well!  Anyway, my challenge to you dear readers is to create, harness, or reignite the force of synergy in your lives! I truly believe that working together will not only allow us to understand more, but will also allow us to prosper more thoroughly!  When I asked Lindsey how she knew that word she said she read it on a kombucha bottle.  I guess advertising ain't all bad!  ;^)


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