Sunday, July 15, 2012

New for Clementine's Clean and Shine in 2012

Hi everybody!  This very special email is a summary of some changes that are going on starting August 1st, 2012.  I'm very excited to be celebrating my 6th year of cleaning and feel like I am getting better at my job all the time!  The last 6 years have seen some drastic highs and lows but those that have stuck with me, are like family to me, and I can't imagine leaving them although some day I will have to in order to realize my true dreams of becoming an illustrator and comic artist!  In the meantime, here we are together making our lives work out one day at a time!

First thing to note:  As of August 1, 2012, all rates will be increasing by $10 dollars a visit.  
I realize this may put some of you over budget for cleaning.  It is not my intention to run you off so if this will be a problem, perhaps we can tweak your current cleaning regimen to account for the increase.  The rate change is necessary because when I started I knew nothing and charged according to my abilities and knowledge.  Now I am 6 years of research and experience richer and it is about time that my rates reflected this increase as well (roughly 10% increase for each year).  Again, let me know if this will be a problem and we will figure out a best solution for you.  (Some exceptions apply.)

Second thing to note:  Text reminders will be a paid courtesy at the rate of $5 per month.
I am going to be employing a new program that will be sending an email with cleaning dates to your address.  It is up to you to put these dates in your calendar and to also amend your calendars when there are changes.  You can always text to confirm that I am coming on a particular day or at a particular time but I will no longer be sending out reminders via text unless paid to do so.  If this is a problem, let me know and perhaps we can work something out for you...not everyone logs their information in the same way so I'm sure there's other solutions available.

Third thing to note:  New client manual with revised cancellation and scheduling info.
I am putting together a new client manual.  For those of you who received my last one 3 years ago, I think you will agree that its time for an update.  Many things have changed, including my ability to take on more clients (as I'm nearly with a filled schedule) and my ability to change schedules on a dime (although I always strive to keep this possible on some level - as it is unavoidable during certain times of year).  Among the changes are a last minute cancellation fee of $15 for less than 24 hours notice and without a reschedule.  The best way to avoid this fee is to let me know in advance so that I may reschedule you as soon as possible.  This is also in place to deter the "we forgot you were coming" disease that strikes all busy people at some point.  Hopefully updating your calendars and knowing your regular schedule will also help.

When you receive your new manual, please look over it closely.  I am trying out a new format in order to explain some of the more stressing scheduling conflicts which can be confusing.  Also, I want everyone to know what products I am using (included in the back), payment options, first cleaning basics, and have a checklist for their clean which will ultimately insure the most complete service possible.

After all the dust settles, I'll be stirring it up once more to open my new wing of business in september, loosely associated with cleaning, which is errand running.  The new department is called Errand Tiger!  The website is still under construction but you can visit it now to see what errands may be purchased a la carte to help ease your schedule or free up your day!  Any of these services can be added to your regular cleaning regimen by scheduling and paying for them via the website.  I am attempting to be as paperless as possible for everyone's sake - I don't know about yours but frankly my office can't take it anymore!  The reformed slob in me still struggles with paper stacks!  

I hope you will bare with me through these exciting changes, as it will create a more dependable, thorough result with many more service opportunities available to you for your convenience!

Thank you for your support!  I am grateful for your impact in my life!
Corinne Clementine Kornder

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