Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sometimes I do Art

I bet you guys thought I was made of nothing but cleaning facts and lame jokes.  Well although that is fairly true, there is another part of me that is rarely allowed to express itself - my classically trained artistic side.  Yes, folks, I have a bachelor's in Art.  I know, you could never tell from my crappy drawings.  You might also be put off by my use of color and composition in the pieces below!  Everyone's a critic...I can deal.  The important thing to remember is that I'm putting it out on the line, exposing myself, strutting my raw work on your computer screens, hopefully, for your pleasure!  If it has the opposite effect, make some art about how much it offended you and strut that on MY computer screen!  (eyebrow raised in daring manner)

clementine willowilde artwork gods-of-the-city

clementine willowilde side walk chalk art

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