To offer excellent customer services using the skills and knowledge that I am constantly augmenting through research and experience!

Clementine Willowilde of Cleaning Lady Lifestyle

     I have been cleaning professionally for 6 years now and I own my business called Clementine's Clean and Shine.  I am quirky, ambitious and incredibly friendly.  My family is composed of scientists, nurses, artists, and musicians, and having completed a college degree in art, it is obvious that I have not fallen far from the tree.  My love of all things cleaning related has increased with time and circumstance.  My passion has been cultivated through necessity.   In other words, I am a reformed slob!  Learning all that I have through the years encourages my desire to share my knowledge and inspire others!   Also it is my wish to create a commentary on the trials and triumphs of science, society, and one cleaning lady stuck amidst it all!

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